1783 - 1900

From our founding to the first wine exports

In 1783 Schales Winery was founded and winegrowing started. The family ran a mixed agricultural operation on 12 hectares of land. But they began focusing more and more on winegrowing. The change from three-crop rotation to vineyards alone and the introduction of new kinds of grapes showed positive results by 1900. And at the turn of the century, something decisive happened – the first Schales wines were exported to England in casks.

1930 - 1960

Conversion to bottle sales

All the signs were pointing towards growth and in 1935, the family decided to move the winery to the edge of town. Here, the largest underground wine cellar of that time was built. Less than 20 years later, the complete switch to bot-tle sales set an important course. The younger generation brought change to the brand.

1958 - 1977

Fresh ideas from the youth

The three sons Heinrich, Arno, and Kurt Schales (7th generation) brought new ideas to the business. New technical and management developments were made. The first ice wine from the Wonnegau was poured in 1961. In 1969, the first image brochure was printed. In the 1970s, Schales Winery began presenting its wines at house wine fairs. In addition, the first private wine museum was opened.

1983 - 1986

200 years and no sign of slowing down

The celebrations in the anniversary year 1983 led to several other events. In 1984, the winery presented ice wines from three decades. A year later, there was the first auction of old wines from the Schales Winery. Wine seminars and cultural events with theater at the winery were proof of the untiring enthusiasm of the winegrowing family.

1992 - 2001

Expansion and world premiere

In 1992 the family founded Trullo® GmbH for the global export of their wines. Schales wine was exported to Japan as early as 1978, followed in 1996 by China, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Taiwan. In the same year there was a world premiere – Schales presented the world’s first sparkling wine made from ice wine. And by the turn of this century, Schales Winery was included in the top ten of the self-marketing family wineries of Germany by the wine magazine “Alles über Wein”.