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Rare Wines

Rare Wines

Treasures from Two Centuries

Since 1945, the most valuable Schales wines have matured in Arno Schales’ rare wines cellar. But the rare wine collection is famous not only for our own wines. The collection includes exceptional years from the best wineries over a total of two centuries.

Rare wines are like poets 

Whether for a company anniversary, birthday, or wedding anniversary, a bottle of good wine from the right year is always welcome as a personal gift idea. Or give yourself a bottle of wine from your own birth year. Listen to what the wine has to say in the book of rare wines of the Schales collection.

Sweet dessert wines

The wine writer Stuart Pigott puts into words what the winemaking family is so proud of, “Since 1989, Schales Winery has been one of Germany’s leading producers of sweet wines”.  And indeed, the tradition of the ice wine harvest has been followed every year since 1961 at Schales Winery.

Unique wine specialty

Production of Schales sparkling wine from ice wine is also unique. In 1996, this sparkling wine specialty was first marketed worldwide and was immediately well received internationally.Recognition for a true rare wine that is still in our product line today.

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